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Diamond Deposits:
"Razor riffed punk from Dublin quartet The Klares. Their latest tune Gooie is an irresistible slice of spiky melodies and solid vocals that will delight with it’s relentless energy....".

Gig Radar:
"The Klares have to be one of the most exciting bands around, who should not only put Irish music back on the map again but also give us all a new favourite band."

Listen With Monger:
"This is the time to get involved in The Klares as I strongly suspect Eoin, Jordan, Andy and Cormac will be moving on pretty quickly to bigger and better things".

Echoing STEM:
"Age is no barrier to their music, with a sound that certainly seems to have matured for a long time already. We’ve been enjoying the upbeat vibes and the guitar riffs of this Dublin four piece for the past few months and think 2017 will be their year".

Remy Music & Film:
"...the tempo is persistent and upbeat, there are also tiny wisps of classic 70's rock á la The Who, and searing doesn't even begin to describe the scorching guitar solos that grace us in it's final third".

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